Welcome to JEN’S POT SHOP!


So you're probably wondering how I became your friendly online pot dealer…


After 20 years of working in the nonprofit world, the career I was once passionate about left me feeling empty and longing for a new journey. Then, during one fateful late-night job search, my life was uprooted by a gardening website selling flower pots shaped into weird, funny faces.

Perhaps (in)appropriately named 'Pot Heads,' these planters made me laugh out loud, and as I clicked through the shop, I found myself smiling for the first time in a long time.

The "aha" moment 

 Realizing that something as simple as a unique, well-made pot could remind me that joy and laughter exist in the simplest things made me want to help others discover it, too, and thus, I became a Pot Dealer!

 "But Jen, what if I don't have a green thumb?"

 Sure, some people can bring amazing miracles into the world through the Power of Plants, and while my track record shows that I am NOT one of those people, it's never kept me from having grand visions and big ideas that all begin with a new pot (and end with a few brown leaves, but that's between me and my garden, thankyouverymuch.)

Passing the pot to YOU!

 Who would've thought that 8 weeks after stumbling across some Pot Heads, I would form an LLC, get a business license, and begin selling high-quality pots and planters that add extra sunshine to every home & garden?

 One silly purchase bloomed into a passion-fueled business, and I couldn't be more excited to see what this journey will bring!

Whether you're on the verge of a big life change or in need of a little somethin'-somethin' to take the edge off, Jen's Pot Shop is here to help you plant seeds of hope, joy, and creativity one pot at a time 🪴

Thank you for choosing JOY & for supporting our woman-owned business!