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Aqua Apple Large Glazed Ceramic Bullet Planter Pot

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Ceramic Bullet Planter can add an upscale finishing touch to your space, indoors or out. This sleek, minimalist planter is an easy choice when you're aiming for a modern design. The Aqua glaze with hints of deeper navy transitions to fresh, crisp green, creating depth across the pot's smooth surface. Each pot is made and glazed by hand, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art. 


Product Specifications


  • Size A - 12"D x 11"H
    Size B - 15"D x 13"H
    Size C - 19"D x 17"H
    Size D - 24"D x 21"H


  • Size A - 14 LBS
    Size B - 27 LBS
    Size C - 44 LBS
    Size D - 80 LBS
  • Comes with a drainage hole.
  • Weather-resistant/Frost-resistant.
  • High fired in a wood-burning kiln.
  • Handmade premium glazed ceramic.
  • Tested for durability, quality, and consistency.

Product Care

  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Pot feet can be used to raise the planter.
  • Place a plant saucer underneath the planter to avoid damage to flooring indoors.
  • To extend durability in freezing climates, place 2 to 3 inches of lava rock at the base of the planter with an empty plastic jug.