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Seafoam Textured Blue Large Ceramic Bullet Planter Pot

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A Ceramic Bullet Planter can add an upscale finishing touch to your space, indoors or out. This sleek, minimalist planter is an easy choice when you're aiming for a modern design. Our seafoam blue finish adds an organic eye-catching texture to the pot's surface. Each pot is made and glazed by hand, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

 Product Specifications

  • Size A - 12"D x 11"H,  80 LBS
  • Size B - 15"D x 13"H,  44 LBS
  • Size C - 19"D x 17"H,  27 LBS
  • Size D - 24"D x 21"H,  14 LBS


Additional Information

  • Comes with a drainage hole.
  • Weather-resistant/Frost-resistant.
  • High fired in a wood-burning kiln.
  • Handmade premium glazed ceramic.
  • Tested for durability, quality, and consistency.


Product Care

  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Pot feet can be used to raise the planter.
  • Place a plant saucer underneath the planter to avoid damage to flooring indoors.
  • To extend durability in freezing climates, place 2 to 3 inches of lava rock at the base of the planter with an empty plastic jug.